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..Most of the Evangelical and Christian world today believes that the Coming of Christ is imminent and that they will be Raptured away before all of the calamity of the entire Book of Revelation ensues during the very last seven or three and a half years of this era, a period of Great Tribulation unlike any other in the History of the World.
..As the world around us shapes to confirm that we are indeed in the time of the very end, many are beginning to look deeper into the Bible and more specifically the prophetic passages of Jesus, the epistles and the Revelation. This has caused many to lay down the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Doctrine because of the shaky ground on which it is founded. What I found out is that the error and deception goes much deeper than one would think upon entering this sojourn.
..So please take a break, let go and seriously consider the things that I expose in this continued investigation into the false as well as the unknown or forgotten interpretations of Bible prophecy. This book is by no means a complete expose of Bible Prophecy, but merely a teaser, an appetizer, to induce you to look where the mainstream Christian world is not looking. May The Almighty bless you as you seek a Holy Spirit interpretation of His prophetic passages.
—–When The Third Temple End—–
Get both pocketBook editions,When The Third Temple Is Built and The Rapture Will Be Canceled for $30
—–The Rapture Will Be Canceled—–
TRWBC--cover [Print-International]
The RAPTURE will be CANCELED. Exposing the Left Behind Rapture Deception: Some may even regard as conspiratorial, the mainstream re-release of the Left Behind Movie with Actor Nicholas Cage portraying the main character as an attempt to further reinforce in the minds of all, this perception of biblical prophecy in order to condition the masses for the play about to begin… look inside.
—–The Rapture Will Be Canceled End—–
Get both pocketBook editions,When The Third Temple Is Built and The Rapture Will Be Canceled for $30
..It is an unquestionable fact that the intimately related prophecies of Daniel and John contain seven divinely given interpretations, and it is evident that these must constitute the only infallible basis of exposition. “In building on them,” as we state in chapter 3, “we build not on the shifting sands of human opinion, but on the stable rock of revealed truth. Without such a foundation no interpretation of Daniel and the Apocalypse can be secure and trustworthy, as resting upon divine authority, but can only stand on begged principles and mere human conjectures.”
..The basis on which we build is divine interpretation. The plan of this book is as follows. After a brief introduction the seven divine interpretations are set forth in ch. 3, in ch. 4 the historical fulfillment of the seventh and last of these; and in ch. 5 we use this last interpreted and marvelously fulfilled vision (that in Rev. 17) as a Key to open the remaining visions in the Apocalypse, “for such is the connection of the various visions in the book, that the opening of its central vision is a manifest clue to the meaning of the whole”
—–Key To The Apocalypse End—–
TLP-EPUB THUMB“The Last Prophecy” was the abridged version authorized by E. B. Elliot himself. The editors of this revised version humbly admit the primary credit to E. B. Elliot and those who went before us in this great work. With great trepidation we have sought to bring up to date the last several chapters hereof with the same method of which we hope Mr. Elliot would approve were he present. You will come away with a fresh and very compelling view of the Book of Revelation and an overview of the greater work from which the text is derived. “Horae Apocalypticae” (Hours with the Apocalypse) is doubtless the most elaborate work ever produced on the Apocalypse. Without an equal in exhaustive research in its field, it was occasioned by the futurist attack on the Historical School of interpretation. Begun in 1837, its 2,500 pages are buttressed by some 10,000 invaluable references to ancient and modern works.

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When the Third Temple is Built
The Rapture Will Be Canceled
The Last Prophecy, Horae Apocalypticae 2015
Key to the Apocalypse

33 thoughts on “Get the Book”

  1. Thank you for the response. I already have The Rapture Will Be Cancelled (which I agreed with prior to purchasing from my own reading of the Bible).
    In law there is a term: “strained interpretation,” e.g.: when a person takes what the law actually says and twists (mangles) it to say what they want it to say. I feel the teaching of “the rapture” is just that.
    Though my God is a God of a second chance, that only applies before your death. After death, you’ve ‘made your bed and must lie in it.’


  2. Trying to locate a copy of your book “Footsteps Of Mystery Babylon” at a reasonable price. Any pointers on where one might be had?
    Any response will be appreciated.


  3. Hello Nicklas,
    This is Valentin from Romania.
    Wanted to let you know I appreciate your video streams on youtube and you have taught me a great deal about the historicist view of Revelation.

    I have subscribed to your videos on feedly and am watching every other one. (especially those about revelation, though all are really good).

    Thank you.


  4. The fact is this book will challenge what you have been taught and what you have thought since childhood. If you are ready for a strong dose of truth, then read this book.


  5. If you are a seeker of the TRUTH, then you have come to the right place. Nichlas Arthur has done an exceptional job in writing “The Rapture Will Be Canceled.” It should be on every “believers” bookshelf! An excellent read as it is very thought provoking and eye opening to the Futurist interpretation of Bible Prophecy – a deception that is rampant in the Evangelical Churches since the 19th century.

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  6. I have known for a while now that the rapture is not what we have been led to believe. In a garden setting, the weeds (tares) are pulled (raptured) before the good crop is harvested. Looking forward to reading the book.


  7. Did you actually read my book? because it doesn’t sound like you did. What would be helpful is if you referenced what is actually in my book with a counter argument rather than restate the same old tired conjectured opinions of things you think are raptures.

    Conjecture is like a magic spell, by mixing different words from different scriptures you can magically change the resurrection into the rapture commensurate with fictional left behind rapture eschatology.

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    1. Agreed Nicklas I did not read the book because you have written this with a preconceived agenda of wanting to prove that the Rapture theory is wrong. The second coming is not an even that takes place in secret- it is likened to “as lightening that comes from the east is visible even in the west”(Matt 24/26-27). However, the Rapture is not so. It is an event that happens secretly//////


      1. I think you are afraid to read the book. No excuse – it is free and only 120 pages, well within your attention span. Afraid you might have to give up your rapture escape plan? If the rapture might not be true don’t you really want to know. If I am wrong you can intelligently expose me only if you really know the Biblical arguments I am using so that you can over throw them.
        No excuse, its free:
        Also enjoy this “no rapture scenario”:
        then you might have something intelligent to say. the comments on this page are only for reviews of people who have actually read the book – all others will be deleted, please make other comments on the appropriate pages.

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      2. God does nothing in secret! Rapture is a lie. The world is full of Jesuit created delusions. Nicklas I would love to read the book but didn’t get it when I signed up. Thank you for being on Michael’s show. Good group of guys who KNOW the truth like Tom Friess.


      3. who told you it was secret./is that biblical? I have never heard that…maybe a secret from the evil one satan…but Christians will know


    2. Ok Nicklas if you insist, I will be happy to read your book and comment on it. Please forward a copy to my email address. However, you need to be brave enough to face criticism and not hide my comments. Proverbs 27/6 says “faithful are the wounds of a friend but the kisses of an enemy are very deceptive”. We are all on this journey to discover the truth. Lucky


  8. This book is excellent work very detailed, a must read for all you bible students,very compelling
    Thank you lord for the truth revealed.

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  9. Great book for anyone truly searching for truth. I am in the process of reading the book for the second time. I don’t seam to retain things as well as I use to. I believe there are two main interpretations of bible eschatology that need to be understood. I guess you could say a foundation to build prophecy on. One is that the seventieth week of Daniel’s prophecy happened right after the sixty ninth. As Nicklas said in his book ” what I have presented here is a viable interpretation which cannot be excluded by the scripture or facts of history.” I believe Nicklas has made it very plain using scripture (and only scripture) that there is no other way to interpret Daniel’s prophecy.The seventieth week is contiguous. Nothing can be excluded by the scripture. I believe the second part of the foundation is that the Papacy itself is the seat of the Anti- Christ. I believe Nicklas also makes this clear in his book.

    I was born again about ten years ago and started reading my bible and realized that what was being taught in the corporate church was not lining up with what my bible said. I’ve been searching for truth ever since. Yahuwah put Nicklas’s radio program and bible studies in my path a few years ago and he has brought to light many life changing truths in the scriptures.

    Nicklas covers a lot of these and many other topics in his book. I believe it is a must read for all who are searching for truth.
    Thank you! Michael Lavelle

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  10. Nicklas Arthur puts forth the best commentary on current events and bible prophecy that I’ve come across. I think this book is a must for any student of the bible and bible prophecy. Better yet it’s a great read for anyone who’s been taught the prophecy popularized by people like Hal Lindsey, Chuck Missler, and Left Behind series of books. As I had unwittingly learned from. I hope Nicklas continues to develop this perspectives and continue to challenge the modern popular views of eschatology. And through further debating these ideas and refining this perspective I think the truth can shine through even more. If you haven’t heard of Nicklas Arthur check out his radio show on First Amendment Radio. Thanks for the Book!

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  11. Hello, I ordered a copy of your book. my receipt no: 3035-9470-5764-6239 April 16, 2014. But I had a some thing happen to my laptop. So I lost your book before I finished reading it. So can you please email another copy in a pdf form of your book.
    Thank you, Thomas H Glorius Jr.


  12. As one who enjoys searching out and understanding eschatology and prophecies of old, I look for two main elements when considering another man’s teaching/opinion. One, is he letting scripture define scripture or is he leaning upon other extra-biblical interpretations? As it is written that the scriptures are not open to personal interpretation. And two, does he , like myself, see where the popular opinion on almost every issue is almost always the wrong one. On that I would reference the scriptures where it is written, ” follow not the majority to do evil”. On these two criteria, the author, in my opinion, has nailed it and has given points of view that, to my knowledge, has not been shared by any other scripture teacher, popular or otherwise. I would highly advise this book to anyone wanting to comprehend where we are at in time from the biblical perspective, whether they be a novice or have decades of studying under their belt. And I might add that once I got to the second half of the book, I could not put it down. Loved it! David G, TN

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  13. In this excellent work the author has confirmed the Historicist view of sound Biblical interpretation of prophecy. He has ventured into many subjects not covered by many modern exponents, from tracing genealogy, the synchronizing of ancient calenders and Nephalim, in all using line upon line, to establish sound conclusions.
    But in all the subjects covered, the consistent theme is the thought to examine ones positions in the light of the Bible, and a call to enter the Kingdom of Yahweh and to walk in His ways.
    This book is an excellent work and a must read for all Bible students who treasure the Kingdom of God and the mysteries revealed therein.

    Leon Pittard

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