Supreme Court Election Rule – Chronology Debate, Lockstep Day 268
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2 thoughts on “Supreme Court Election Rule – Chronology Debate, Lockstep Day 268”

  1. Redoing the 2020 election in the communist swing States is not an option, what is an option is to acknowledge their elections are invalid; therefore, their State electors are also invalid! Congress can handle the 2020 election results, no matter what SCOTUS may, or may not, rule! “because of the potential unrest, we cannot rule out the potential of imposing martial law or enacting the Insurrection Act.”


  2. Forget SCOTUS. Everyone including the U.S. Congress are already aware of the States that had invalid 2020 elections because they were conducted unconstitutionally; consequently, they have no electoral college to select or certify; their invalid election invalidated their electors; thus, they should be disregarded already: And no matter what SCOTUS has to say about the matter Congress should be planning to select its own electors NOW as per the U.S. Constitution! Let the people in the swing States who were swindled out of their constitutional right to vote deal with their elected officials.


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