Nicklas with Greg Anthony of the Investigative Journal

A discussion.

10 thoughts on “Nicklas with Greg Anthony of the Investigative Journal”

  1. Not sure what you mean by 3 Raptures. From where did you pick that up?? There can only be one Rapture and One Resurrection before the 2nd coming. However it does not matter as I am pretty sure you will now be deleting all my comments and carrying on with your “stuff” as though nothing has happened. I was wondering why there were so few comments to all your uploads but now I understand. I really cannot say all the best to your ministry but I can truly say “May the Lord by his Holy Spirit guide you to the truth”.


    1. Your three raptures are: pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation and post-tribulation. I thought you knew all about it since you believe in it! Just because you are confused about prophecy, does not mean that you are lost, I would never imply that. Just as how I manage my website as I see fit is not a sin that you should imply wrongdoing on my part for doing so. You accuse me of “deleting all” of your comments, but in fact I only deleted all of your personal attacks, meandering repetitions and off topic comments, however you still have many valid comments here, You could start your own rapture website and probably become far more popular than I will ever be – then you can demonstrate how it should be done rather than accuse the man of God. Carry His cross and stay in His Kingdom my young brother.


  2. I did some more study into ‘Virgin Maryland’ – Washington DC. It is interesting that Maryland Day is celebrated on the ’25th March’ and that its capital city is called ‘Annapolis’. Everything fits nicely.
    The feastday of the Annunciation is celebrated on the 25th March, nine months prior to December 25th. From Annunciation we get Annapolis.
    If it walks like a duck, waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck – it’s a duck. So too with Washington DC. Though they re-write the history with fictitious rationale like Queen Anne for naming Annapolis, it is all sleight of hand for what is very evident about just what a duck is.
    Militarily, another name that Mary covers for, is Artemis – also called the butcherer and slaughterer.
    Botanically, the plant called Wormwood, has the Latin name of Artemisia. The third trumpet of Revelation is where Wormwood (a great star) falls from heaven, to be joined at the fourth trumpet by one-third of the rest of the stars (fallen angels, now with Satan). These two trumpets together set the scene for the three woes, two of these constituting Satan’s wrath being trumpets five and six. The third woe being God’s wrath constituting trumpet seven which contains the seven bowls of His wrath wrapped up cumulatively in Revelation chapter 16.
    As for the fictitious rapture, the seventh trumpet is blown way back at Revelation 11:15 beginning God’s intervention which ends Satan’s wrath and punishes his adherents. In the interim this interesting statement is written: “Blessed are the dead who die in The Lord henceforth.” The Spirit replies: “Blessed indeed, that they may rest from their labours, for their deeds follow them!”
    Rev 14:13. These dead people IN THE LORD have endured Satan’s wrath, and are being spared the horrors of God’s wrath. Obviously these good and blessed people were not involved in the fictitious rapture.
    As for the science skulduggery. It is a distraction. The seasons are explained satisfactorily by the Sun revolving around a spinning earth (daytime, night-time) on a sloped axis of 22 1/2 degrees, or the earth revolving around the Sun. “This and this alone is the whole duty of man – that we obey God and keep His commandments.” Eccl.12:13. The rest is a non-essential distraction to bog simpletons down in argument.
    The Sun and moon will no longer be needed (they may still be there), for ultimately the Father and the Son will be the lights of earth by day and night (Rev 21:23) as befits the covenant of sun and moon, night and day, of the throne of David.
    The woman clothed in the Sun and Moon misrepresented as the Virgin Mary is being used to usurp this divine right of kings, quite cleverly and seditiously. I say cleverly only due to simple-minded man. Deception is not clever. Clothed in Sun and Moon means God ordained royalty.
    However, the woman is Israel, and not the fake called the Vigin Mary.


  3. Nasa has been lying for the reasons you stated , just another technique to siphon money from the U.S. slave network, and with the religion of science people are amenable to it .., The earth is a globe , you don’t see much mention of it lately but a paper was published stating the Van Allen radiation belt , which a space craft would need to pass through to get to the moon ,is much more dangerous than previously thought . When it seems in reality this would have needed to have been figured out before or upon a trip through it . This is the difficulty of being a liar , one must remember everything stated previously. I believe all the contradictions in science and everything else spoken of in the media is to instill in society a mass confusion , a psychopathy of bewildered , not knowing what to believe ,society . Just as the culture of indigenous peoples where annihilated upon being conquered.


  4. Lucky, you do not have the power to embarrass me, perhaps it is yourself you desire to spare.
    1. It was my guest who proposes the flat earth, I personally do believe the earth is a sphere…
    2. Billions of dollars is good enough reason to deceive… “Why would they try to deceive people into believing…” that the earth is billions of years old; …that man evolved from an ape etc.??? or that the earth spins on an axis or revolves around the sun??? Satan is a deceiver and will tell any lie to show God’s word wrong.
    3. You hold that RAPTURE and RESURRECTION are synonymous. I do not, as I cannot find the word RAPTURE in the Bible, therefore refuse to mix the doctrines of anti-christ with the Word of God. RAPTURE is a LATIN word, born of counter-reformation eschatology, and not biblical.
    NOT embarrassed to proclaim the truth, Nicklas


    1. Regarding the Shemita this is clearly given in the word of God Lev 25 and Duet 15 . However what is not clear is whether it applies to the Gentiles under the new covenant. This is because The Lord Jesus Christ is our Sabbath rest and we have ceased from our labour. Jonathan Cahn has taken the trouble to point out the 7 yearly financial cycle that actually has operated in the US for the last 28 odd years… 1994, 2001, 2008 and the next one expected on 13 Sep 2015. It also coincides with the 4th and final blood moon on the 28th Sep 2015. There is also a warning given about an asteroid strike in Puerto Rico and the Jade Helm military drill. Only time will tell whether this is a true warning. It is best that we do not run down other servants of God if they have supported their findings based on the word of God without ridiculing them.
      PLEASE CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING SCENARIO. I am pretty sure you will contest this though BUT please bear with me. First the Rapture takes place and “we”are caught up together with the dead in Christ. Then we are taken by the Angels to meet the Lord Jesus Christ in the air. Then we are taken by our heavenly bridegroom to heaven to meet the Father( In my Father’s house are many mansions) and we tarry there for a period of time (say about 3.5 years). During this time the marriage supper of the Lamb takes place in Heaven and we with all our loved ones participate in this glorious delightful banquet During this time there will be the left behind saints on Earth who will be slaughtered for their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ . Those who survive the tribulation on Earth will be given a second chance to come in along with the Jews at the very end. Read Luk 12/ 36 talks about the master returning from( AFTER) the wedding banquet. So it MAY be possible that the foolish virgins (Matth 25) MAY have a SECOND CHANCE even though some would have missed out of the wedding banquet/ marriage feast. The Grace of God thru Jesus Christ IS BEYOND OUR UNDERSTANDING. After that we receive our crowns of life and our rewards viz. our hierarchical positions in the Kingdom of God is decided by the Father and the Son. Then we ALL come down with the Lord Jesus Christ to rule and reign on Earth for a 1000 years. This is my humble understanding. I could be wrong- ready to be corrected. Shalom Lucky


      1. 1. I quote you: “However what is not clear is whether it applies to the Gentiles under the new covenant.” My point exactly, as it does not apply to the church – it is nonsense.
        2. SAME ANSWER. You hold that RAPTURE and RESURRECTION are synonymous. I do not, as I cannot find the word RAPTURE in the Bible, therefore refuse to mix the doctrines of anti-christ with the Word of God. RAPTURE is a LATIN word, which doctrine is born of counter-reformation eschatology, and not biblical.


        1. Sticking to the point what is your understanding about the resurrection. When does this happen? Is it before or after the second coming. When does the Second coming take place? Is it one and the same event? When does the marriage supper of the Lamb take place- after the second coming on Earth (while the Father is in heaven) or in Heaven in the presence of the Father and the Son. When are the saints rewarded for their labour of love for the Lord Jesus Christ – is it in heaven before the second coming( in the presence of the Father and the Son) or on Earth after the second coming? Please elaborate.


        2. We will meet Him in the air at the last trump when He returns. I believe in The Resurrection at the Last trump, I do not believe in any of the Three Raptures, period. Nothing you say mixed with the word of god will change my mind nor persuade me to accept any of the three raptures as being synonymous with the Biblical Resurrection.


  5. Why would NASA try to deceive the people into believing that the Earth is round. Why would they try to deceive people into believing that man did land on the moon if they have not? What is their motive behind this deception. It is pretty obvious that the Earth is round because the shadow of the Earth falls on the moon and also above all the Bible says “that HE sits above the circle of the Earth and all its people are like grasshoppers… ”. Having said this I am NOT endorsing the misinformation and lies that is coming from NASA for I am fully aware that NASA is being used by the elite( including the Vatican) for their own evil purpose. But you guys are pathetic and STILL languishing the dark ages if you think that the sun moon and stars are going round the Earth and the Earth is the centre of the universe!!!
    I also think that you guys are completely NUTS if you think that The Lord is going to cancel the rapture just so that you can prove that there is no gap between Dan 9/ 26 and Dan 9/27. The Rapture is scriptural and is an absolute certainty and will take place whether you like it or not. The timing of the Rapture (granted) is uncertain. The Rapture is in fact the FIRST RESURRECTION when in the twinkling of an eye we will all be changed (1 Cor 15) . The Rapture is when the Lord Jesus Christ comes FOR His Bride and the Bride is caught up to meet Him. The SECOND COMING is when the Lord Jesus Christ comes WITH His bride to rule and reign for a 1000 years. PLEASE READ THE SCRIPTURES BEFORE embarking on an ambitious project to discount the Rapture!!!
    Having said this I am also aware that there may be plans to mimic a false rapture and probably an alien invasion, or even an asteroid strike around Sep 2015- 2016 by the use of holograms – do a google search for project blue beam. I understand holograms were used to show the plane crashing into the twin towers. The motive is to create panic among people and bring in martial rule. I am also aware that there could be plans to create a manmade tsunami around Sep 2015 or 2016.
    I decided to send you an email rather than embarrass you with my comments.
    Kind Regards Lucky


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