Prophecy Reality Worldview Weekly

The Antichrist Rules the World thru Corruption

hr.1 – News Commentary Current Events
hr.2 – Date of Revelation Debate – Chuck Baldwin for Early Date

Get the New Book – The Beast Apocalyptic
An Exposition of the Apocalyptic Beast Powers and
Related Symbols of Daniel and the Revelation

One thought on “Prophecy Reality Worldview Weekly”

  1. I was waiting for this. I too hv listened to CB for decades. This prophecy series is so troubling. When he taught IIThess 2, I knew he was very deceived. This is so grievous! He seems incapable of the V word or the J word…. The letters he reads from followers ALL sing his praises. This is so misleading, although I do understand his m.o. Thanks much Nicklas⚓️

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