Prophecy Reality Live 20160217

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Which Rapture do you believe in? Is the Resurrection a different choice? Protestants knew who the Anti-Christ was for hundreds of years, Now Evangelicals don’t have a clue! Why? When will the Monetary Mark Of The Beast be introduced? What will you do when it is? How will you know it? Do you already have it? If so, will you recant and withdraw? How many years until the 7th Millennium begins? Can you endure? We seek the answers to all these questions and do not believe God’s Holy Spirit will leave us ignorant. Join me every Wednesday morning and lets open God’s Word and find the answers.

2 thoughts on “Prophecy Reality Live 20160217”

  1. Thanks for the travel papers, what about ‘letters of introduction’ got any thoughts?

    So, did you say you can’t keep the Ten Commandments, statutes, and judgments? The love of God…

    As far as what day is the Seventh, the sun came up, and the sun went down before Rome. Then we do have Jesus, he taught us the correct way to keep the day of rest, from the beginning.

    Where it was mandated, punishable by death, today it is through salvation; under the new covenant “I will place my commandments in your mind and write them upon your heart”.

    On the seventh day of Creation, in the evening, what type of moon did Adam and Eve see in heaven?

    So too, the Children of Israel knew the right day, according to Christ’s judgment, before the commandments were given, Manna came down from heaven and sustained them, according to what day of the week it came.

    As far as ox in the ditch, turning on light switches, flushing the toilet, labor and commerce, healing, gleaming, these are the type of things Christ or his saints would be condemned for doing today. I guess it all boils down to the fact that Rome, State/Church, owns everything, by authority and design, controls everything in a world system it created for the wicked. If we were fish, the system would be both the water and the lake.

    Among the many things we are assured of, in New Jerusalem, we will all keep the Sabbath, so I see no issue in someone wanting to practice here, to keep it as a sign of who they believe in, and desire to live in a new world, according to their faith and belief in the word of God…God will be our Temple.

    What day is Christ’s seventh day? I believe I would know if He would give me the power and authority to heal. Until then, all I can do is hope Rome would let me know when I had it right, by arresting and killing me. As far as the popper scooper antichrist, him, his cronies, and the world will be consumed in the brightness of our Lords coming.

    Until then, if the beast mark is on everything I touch, eat, and breath, then it has to be part of Gods plan. We can only hope that the Popes image is a watermark printed between the sheets of our toilet paper. That way he can kiss our ring. That might not be a bad idea, Popery Toilet Paper! – not just for Sabbath keepers…666, The ‘Mark of the Beast’ Toilet Paper, IRS TP, If someone wants to strive in commerce, they can’t do better than that!

    Again, the help affirm ‘what day is the seventh day’; for some unknown reason Satin hates the one indicated on Roman’s calendar he named Saturday…unless that’s just another one of his deceptions. What I can’t do in good conscience is Sunday, or what in called the first day…I have to do something because I want the ‘power and authority’ that leads to grace. To be arrested, charged, found innocent, convicted, and then killed has been replaced with grace for the righteous.


    Vote! And God will heal your land. So says the Republicans and Democrats.



  2. If anybody hates the word ‘denomination’ which seems to differentiate such bodies from the Roman Catholic Church, an alternative word to differentiate the Roman Catholic body from the alienated denominations would be ‘DEMONINATION’. The Roman Catholic Church stands alone as the DEMONINATIONAL CHURCH. It is the leading DEMONINATIONAL mother church.
    I could never see how resting the first day of the week or keeping the Sabbath can be tied up with the number 666 which is only a clue. The image of 0666 is 9990 (pinhole camera).
    Ezekiel 8:7,5,12,14. Should the wise recognize a pinhole camera casting pictures upside down here? Or does just reading the clue ‘666’ to the answer qualify as wisdom? Hardly!
    The Latinized ICXC (9990) is a worthy contender. [Dagon the fish god as the acronym ‘Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour’]. From the Greek ‘ichthous’ meaning ‘fish’.
    The best method of pest control for the elimination of pestilential SDA’s is to quote two verses from the bible. Job 19:25 For I know that my redeemer lives and that his feet shall STAND ON THE EARTH in the latter days. In Revelation 14:1 and Zechariah 14:4 he ‘stands’ on Mt Zion and Mt Olivet. In Ezekiel 43:7 after the EARTH has shone with his glory that also fills the temple (context vs 2,4,5) He says, “Son of man. This is the place of my throne and the place of the soles of my feet where I will dwell in the midst of the people of Israel forever.” This has not happened yet, so it is indisputable that this is a future temple. Notice “forever”. SDA’s hate this and would delete it. They already have (The Unhived Mind).
    They don’t have to be eliminated. They can learn. It is in the bible contrary to their belief system which can stand a little embellishment.


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